It’s always better to have the equipment you need and not have to use it, versus not having the necessary equipment and it potentially leading to a bad accident for either motorists or workers. Legally local municipalities and jurisdictions require safety approved traffic control equipment for construction sites, lane closures, and for special events where traffic needs to be managed.

At All Way Traffic Control we not only have the experienced and certified trained staff, but we also rent and sell safety approved Traffic Control equipment. Our company can provide you with Stands, Cones, high-visibility Signs, and Delineators.

The equipment which we retrofit our Lane Closure Trucks with and use is the same quality equipment which we rent and sell. Whether it’s our Traffic Control Personnel or Lane Closure Technicians, all members of our Team come equipped to every job site with all the necessary equipment to ensure that motorists and workers are protected and safe in every aspect.

If you have a project which requires Traffic Control Equipment then please don’t hesitate to Contact us and we will happily send you a free quote on renting or purchasing equipment from us.