All well-oiled machines run to their fullest potential when given proper instruction and management to be both efficient and effective. The importance of a Traffic Control Person (TCP) Supervisor is vital towards ensuring that TCP’s are executing and implementing Traffic Management Plans (TMP).

A TCP Supervisor is responsible for overseeing and coordinating Traffic Control Personnel (TCP) at construction sites, lane closures, events, and during activities where traffic needs to be managed. TCP Supervisors provide safety, enforce compliance of traffic control measures, and use their knowledgeable expertise to assist in overseeing operations.

At All Way Traffic Control our TCP Supervisors work in conjunction with our Lane Closure Technicians (LCT) to strategically setup signage and cones in necessary formations so that commuters are given plenty of time to prepare for upcoming road closures. Our TCP Supervisors also use their strong communication and adaptability skills when there are changes to traffic conditions, ensuring that any unexpected events are addressed and making real-time decisions to ensure safety.

It’s very common during nighttime and during extreme inclement weather conditions that our TCP Supervisors will work together with our LCT’s to identify the best and most optimal placement for Lane Closure Trucks. These trucks typically come with high-visibility markings along with flashing light indicators to help commuters and road workers remain safe.

If you have a project which requires a Traffic Control Person Supervisor then please don’t hesitate to Contact us today and we will be happy to get back in contact with you within 24 hours.